Not Your Typical Knob Makeover

Not Your Typical Knob Makeover
This ubiquitous brushed nickel knob came off a cabinet I recently painted.  I didn't want to re-use it. I wanted something more colorful and unique for its new white backdrop. Plus, I'm kinda 'over' the whole brushed nickel thing. I know--boo, hiss. I looked everywhere--even the hoity toity knob store. I didn't find anything that grabbed me, so I decided to make over the knob I already had. 
Knob makeovers on the www usually involve spray paint, but that seemed ho-hum for what I had in mind. Instead, I broke out the polymer clay for my makeover. Here's what the knob looks like now:
created at: 03/05/2012
I used a picture of a dahlia that a took a few years back as inspiration. I started by covering the entire front of the knob with a thin sheet of polymer (as evidenced below) and then rolled and cut out lots and lots of petals using a tiny heart-shaped cookie cutter. I just kept building up--working from the outside in--with petals. I made everything permanent by baking according to the instructions on my clay package. It's been in use for several months now and the petals are in perfect condition and completely intact. 
created at: 03/05/2012

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Tara on Jan 12, 2014:

My boyfriend is amazing with clay - my only concern would be the durability.  Have you had any issues ever?

DIY Maven on Mar 05, 2012:

@Chris B.--SUCH a cute idea!! It's remarkable how many knobs can be in ONE kitchen. I think I have 30--peanuts compared to yours!

Chris B. on Mar 05, 2012:

Wow - nice job! Good to hear they're lasting too.  I dealt w/shiny gold metal knobs in my kitchen (57 cabinets!!) by using the metal primer then having my family and friends paint knobs in whatever design they liked, they just had to use the five colors that I put out so that they coordinated.  It's a fun, popular feature in my house ('hey, I did that one!'). 


DIY Maven on Mar 05, 2012:

@sande--THANKS! I did that to a night light once but used hi-temp caulk instead of glue. Worked great. 

Täterin on Mar 05, 2012:

@sande: Hey, that is a nice idea! I got a cupboard which needs new knobs and I will maybe try your tip.

sande on Mar 05, 2012:

Wow, that is amazing!  Five years ago I required 14 knobs.  That can be expensive.  So I took the ugly plastic ones that came on the items I purchased and covered them with that 600 glue.  I  had a bucket full of many colors of tiny beads I has bought over a few years.  I dipped the handle in and mushed it around some and ended up with amazingly beautiful knobs that I still love even after 5 years.

DIY Maven on Mar 05, 2012:

@Brianna--THANK YOU!!


Brianna on Mar 05, 2012:

That is beautiful!  What a great DIY project...but also one that I am convinced I could not replicate.

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