How (and why) to Freeze Your Paint Brushes

How (and why) to Freeze Your Paint Brushes

Like it or not, most painting projects require more than one coat of paint. Whether it takes place over one or more days, we’re still faced with cleaning our brushes between coats. To make this task less taxing, turn to your freezer.

As anybody who has cleaned latex paint from a paintbrush knows, the majority of the paint comes out in the first five or ten seconds. It’s the next ten to fifteen minutes that are devoted to getting the brush squeaky clean. Well, to save yourself some time and aggravation, after that first flush, just blot the brush with a couple of paper towels or rag. Tuck the brush in a plastic shopping bag–preferably one with no holes–squeeze out the excess air, twist tie the bag shut and place the bagged brush in your freezer.

When you’re ready for the second coat, just take the brush out of the bag, run it under hot water to thaw it, squeeze the water out with a rag or paper towels, and start painting. When you’re done with your painting project completely, then knock yourself out cleaning the brushes, but not before.

(P.S. I’ve frozen rollers as well, although they take up more space in the freezer, of course.)

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Kevin Smith on Dec 11, 2016:

Thanks DIY Maven, I don't know freeze Paint Brush method.

Armando Cabba on Feb 10, 2012:

thank god I live in canada 

THATPainterLady on Apr 07, 2008:

This is something that anyone who paints... anything should keep in their tip arsenal.

The reason for putting the brush in the freezer?  Paint molds. It molds when exposed to air for a period of time without enough air to let it dry out.  So if your "dirty"brush is exposed to a pin hole in the plastic... it has a chance of harboring mold. Do you want to paint that on your walls???

If the brush is in the freezer... no mold.

Great Tip!!

Nimue on Apr 24, 2007:

I've always wrapped mine in plastic or a baggie and stuck them in the fridge.  Great tip.

terryswaler on Apr 10, 2007:

This is really cool.  I'm gonna try it.

Usually I just stick my brush or roller in a plastic bag and roll it up tightly -- usually stays that way for days (sometimes weeks) -- and I just take it out and use it.

I'm lazy!  (laughing) 


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