Roundup: 10 Drool-Worthy Kitchen Pantries

Roundup: 10 Drool-Worthy Kitchen Pantries
It's Cleaning and Organization Month on Curbly! Today, we're looking at ten amazing kitchen pantries. Yours probably doesn't look like one of these (and neither do ours), so we're excited to find clever organization ideas from each and every one to use in your own kitchen. 
1. This pantry, featured in Country Living uses simple metal shelves and many metal baskets. A good tip to take from this gorgeous "grocery" is to use multiples of the same inexpensive item for a big impact. 
Country Living Grocery Pantry
2. Venegas and Company utilizes the space on the inside of the doors for smaller items. If you can't add shelving to your entire pantry door, consider mounting a slim spice rack or two. 
created at: 02/29/2012

3. This butler's pantry designed by Tracery Interiors is pretty much an entertainer's dream come true. And who doesn't love a library ladder? Which brings me to my next tip: go high! Yep, utilize every inch of space you can get, all the way to the ceiling.

Tracery Interiors Pantry

4. Ever wonder how Martha does it? (Yes, the Martha.) While this is clearly her cupboard dedicated to exotic oils and hot sauces, if you don't have a built-in pantry, a free-standing armoire can be converted for the kitchen. Paint it the same color as your walls to fit in seamlessly.

Martha Stewart Pantry

5. Another no-pantry solution? Go with Ina Garten's method and just put it all out there. This definitely requires some dedication to neatness, but with strategically placed storage baskets, you could turn an awkward cove into a dry goods paradise.

Ina Garten Pantry

6. This pantry is brought to you by The Container Store and the color yellow. And while you may not want to subsist entirely on boxes of Triscuits, Bisquick and Corn Pops, painting the inside walls a cheerful color could be just the inspiration you need to stay organized.

Yellow and White Elfa Pantry

7. Josh Vogel's home in the Hudson Valley is beautifully filled with all sorts of hand-crafted woodwork. Mixing storage elements like wooden boxes, woven baskets or ceramic bowls can make your pantry feel a little more personal and less like a grocery store shelf.

Josh Vogel Pantry

8. This built-out pantry seen in House Beautiful is more like a separate room! Having a counter inside gives you another work surface or a place to stash the appliances you don't want to look at, like the toaster or a microwave. (I'd rethink hiding that pretty mixer.)

House Beautiful Pantry Closet

9. This pantry, photographed for Cottage Living, is pretty sweet. Yes, there's a chalkboard wall, a wine fridge and ample wig storage. But there's also a super cool sliding door! If you hate (or even strongly dislike) your bi-fold pantry door, consider this track solution. 

Barn door pantry

10. And last but certainly not least would be this larder from a Birmingham, AL home designed by Tracery Interiors. I love the wood planks, the giant glass-doored fridge, the apron sink and the jaunty straw hat. I also like the low-level baskets mounted to the wall. This would be great for kids' snacks and fruit you'd want within easy reach.

created at: 02/29/2012

Which one of these would be your dream pantry?  

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Michele on Mar 30, 2012:

In my last house we did something that I absolultely loved.  On a long wall in the eating area (not the formal dining room) we installed three regular upper cabinets for dishes  (wide cabinets with double doors and extra shelves for serving pieces).  The great thing is that instead of regular lower cabinets we used the shallow upper cabinets on the bottom and and installed a matching counter and backsplash over the shallow lowers.  It created a fabulous long although shallow space for a few decorative items which worked great as a buffet or bar area for entertaining.  I used the lower cabinets for appliances and baking tools/dishes like mixing bowls.  I especially loved the fact that nothing was behind anything else.  It looked beautiful and was so incredibly practical. 

Lucy Glib on Mar 09, 2012:

"...and while you may not want to subsist entirely on boxes of Triscuits..." 

Challenge accepted.

shelby on Mar 05, 2012:

too many good ones to choose from....inspiration from all! Thank you!

Clayton Matthew on Mar 04, 2012:

Number 3, the butler's pantry, is my absolute favorite! So classy, yet not pretentious. Love it. I would want some counterspace in it though. I also enjoy the sliding door and chalkboard wall. Definitely some great ideas. I can't wait to have one of my own.


Ashlea on Mar 03, 2012:

LOVE that sliding door. 

Segelman Shaw Roofing, Siding & Windows on Mar 02, 2012:

It looks very pleasant, organized and enticing. These are great inspirations for kitchen pantry designs.

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