How To: Make Your Own DIY String-Tie Envelopes!

How To: Make Your Own DIY String-Tie Envelopes!

You may remember my closet full of wrapping paper (only a small testament to my love of paper goods).  Inside that closet is a box full of stationery: greeting cards for all occasions, little handmade notebooks, gifts tags, etc.  What it's completely lacking is anything remotely as cool as these handmade string-tie envelopes!  I love string-tie envelopes, you guys... and you can never find them in anything other than boring ol' manila.  Can you imagine the possibilities if you knew how to make your own??   


Fortunately, Kate Petty from MiniEco figured it all out for us and has kindly offered a tutorial and template for making your own awesome string-tie envelopes.  Here's what you'll need:

  • colorful or patterned paper
  • contrasting card stock
  • string
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • small brads

Once you've decided on a color scheme/found the paper you love, head over to MiniEco for the tutorial and free template (available in two sizes)!  Happy envelope making!

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