Roundup: 6 Great Uses of Long Throw Pillows

Me oh My Long Throw Pillow

Throw pillows can be a point of contention in the bedroom. Do you really need more pillows to decorate the bed than you do to actually sleep in it? Well, if you're a pillow minimalist or live with someone who is, the long throw pillow may be the great compromise you're looking for. 

Above, Me Oh My's Nicole used a long pillow that's super sophisticated without one bit of fuss.

Jenny Komenda Long Throw Pillow

Jenny from Little Green Notebook splurged on a yard of pricey Josef Frank fabric for Joanna Goddard's bedroom, but used a PB Teen pillow insert for just the right size.

Kathryn Ireland Long Suzani Throw Pillow

Designer Kathryn Ireland used a vibrant suzani pillow to stretch the width of this four-poster bed.

Frances Schultz bedroom via House Beautiful

The blue border on this pillow makes you notice its long length even more. Frances Shultz designed this cozy retreat with simple and classic bed linens. 

The Handmade Home DIY Patchwork Lumbar Pillow

Ashely of The Handmade Home dug into her existing pillow stash to create a long DIY Patchwork Pillow. I love how cheerful it is.

Hank Azaria Home Bedroom

Even stars like long pillows! Actor Hank Azaria used them in not one, but two of his bedrooms, as seen in fancy-schmancy Architectural Digest.

If you're handy with a sewing machine, making a long bed pillow could be an easy and inexpensive DIY project.

Do you think you could ever embrace a one-pillow lifestyle?

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Anonymous on Feb 27, 2012:

Yup. I  thought I might get to see some 'uses' of throw pillows. This is pretty nonetheless. 

Anonymous on Feb 24, 2012:

Love the colors of the Kathryn Ireland four-poster bed. So vibrant and fun.


DesigningMom on Feb 23, 2012:

Well to be honest I thought I was going to see pictures of different places to use them when I read the title. They are all pretty examples of using them on beds though.

MollyMC on Feb 23, 2012:

I also love the idea of using them on a sofa. It seems like I'm always picking up pillows when the kids are around. This way, there'd only be one!

DesigningMom on Feb 23, 2012:

I think it looks so much better than a gazillion pillows on a bed. It's something I've been planning on doing in our bedroom make over since the first time I saw one of these long pillows.


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