Roundup: 7 Fabulous Faux Headboards

Roundup: 7 Fabulous Faux Headboards

Whether you call them trompe l'oeil or faux, these plastered-right-on-the-wall headboards are the three C's: clever, cute and CHEAP!

I'm not sure about having chalk dust rain down upon my bed, but the idea of changing up the style of my headboard with just one swipe of a chalkboard eraser is very appealing! Spotted at Examiner

50 Brilliant and inspiring headboard ideas for DIY

Sara made her faux headboard using self-adhesive vinyl. Click here to see how she did it.

Interesting how this traditionally-styled headboard feels fresh and modern when fauxed up. Although it's a decal, it's certainly recreate-able with paint.

olivia gray

 If stencils are more your thing, Elle Decor tells us how to do it right, starting with a big block of color.

Here's a super-simple technique from Secret City Ranch. It was created with good old graph paper and painter's tape:

 Martha's peeps used a roll of $170 wallpaper from Hinson & Company to make this headboard. Of course there are cheaper options; you'd just have to look for a print that has a defined outline that you could use as a cut line.



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tali.orad on Apr 19, 2012:

Nice. For a student or a low budget project, I think it's an amazing solution.

Me personally would prefer the actual headboard as we need some support behind the head for a better sleep.

Tali Design


DesigningMom on Feb 15, 2012:

We have a headboard Jenny, but thanks for the info. Who knows when I might need it for myself or to help a friend.

Rosa Marrero on Feb 15, 2012:

love chalk

jennybabble on Feb 15, 2012:

@ DesigningMom - just put little grippy pads under the wheels of your bed if you have a hard surface floor (ie. the non-slip stuff you put under rugs). My bed is currently under a window so I'm not using a headboard, and that works just fine to keep it from slipping away from the wall. 

DesigningMom on Feb 15, 2012:

Cute, but my question would be, do you attach the bed to the wall to keep if from sliding forward and ones pillows slipping off the bed?

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