A Glam Bam Floor Lamp Makeover!

A Glam Bam Floor Lamp Makeover!

Katie bought this black, stick, floor lamp from Target. She decided to glam it up with some very UNglamorous items, which included, among other things, a bunch of 2-liter Coke bottles and duct tape. Get ready, cuz this is gonna blow your mind....


created at: 02/13/2012

For more info about the project, visit Matsutke

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Cher on Dec 19, 2012:

If you use the lamp in a plain or minimally decorated room it would work perfectly but in a room with patterns not so much. I definitely like the makeover though!

Anonymous on Feb 26, 2012:

Hahaha! I LUV it! I have this exact same lamp. Now you've got me thinking...

DIY Maven on Feb 13, 2012:

@Matthew--I did a double-take myself! Yup, same lamp.


richie on Feb 13, 2012:

I like the first lamp better. 2nd lamp is too busy.

Matthew on Feb 13, 2012:

oh my gosh! not at all what I was expecting! are you sure this is the same lamp?!?!? :)

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