How to Fold a Paper Rabbit

How to Fold a Paper Rabbit

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, or it’s just another Sunday in spring, depending on your point of view. Either way, how about celebrating the day with a few rabbits? They make cute decorations and great place cards. On the origami folding scale, this is an easy one.


One square sheet of paper. A piece of copy paper cut down to 8.5" by 8.5" works perfectly. They also look great done in tye dyed paper too!



Fold and unfold as shown below.

Fold sides to center. (I turned my paper 90 degrees to the right in the second picture.)

Fold tip on the right to the left.

Fold the previous fold right a little past the edge. (This will be bunny’s tale.)

Turn paper over.

Fold left point to the right, lining its point up to the straight edge–not the point of the bunny’s tale.

Fold in half to back, as shown.

Lift the tip up and fold at the bottom. (These will become the bunny’s ears.)

Using your scissors, cut down to about 3/4 inch or so from tip (nose) to create two ears.


Slide your index finger in one of the ears to separate. Fold down to make the ear ‘flop.’ Repeat on the other ear.

And you’re done!

Happy Easter–or happy another-Sunday-in-spring!

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DIY Maven on Apr 15, 2007:

"very fun, where do you find your ideas"

Books, magazines, on-line, DIY television programs, but sometimes, believe it or not, I dream up things all on my own! ;) I love to find new DIY/craft ideas and find a new way to use them/put a new spin on them. And if some of my posts inspire others to do the same, well that would be heaven!

P.S. For more great origami ideas, check this website. Some are original folds, but many, like this rabbit, are traditional designs.

smartina on Apr 14, 2007:

very fun, where do you find your ideas 

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