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To Faux or Not to Faux: Which is Better?

by on Jan 5, 2022

The owners of this kitchen saved big bucks giving their old kitchen cabinets a faux finish. The new treatment gives the cabs a whole new feel to be sure, but I kinda liked the old feel better. How about you? Do you take to the darker color? And just so the rest of the kitchen doesn’t feel left out, here’s a shot of the ‘before’:
Design Connection kitchen remodel in kansas city - before picture
And here’s the after:
After: The gorgeous results of our kitchen remodeling project
To see more individual details of the makeover, visit this page. (Seeing the backsplash up close is worth the trip. It’s a pretty cool treatment.)

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  1. Nice job on the finish, but I disagree with the majority here. The cherry finish is much nicer than the walnut. The darker finish makes the room too dark and gloomy. I prefer a lighter, more open feel.

  2. Darkness and lightness notwithstanding…..I like the new simply because I dislike any wood with an orangey tint to it.    The treatment tones that down nicely.

  3. I definitely like the new cabinets, I just don’t agree with the staining of the floor as well. There needs to be some contrast, and hardwood floors can develop a patina and complexity when maintained. I think it would have kept the place a little lighter, because yes, altogether, it makes the room dark and monotone.

  4. Great look. I will be doing mine soon. A white (or light colored) island would brighten it up though.

  5. I feel it looked much nicer before. But I understand because it’s so “human nature” to want to change something even when nothing was wrong with it before. People don’t typically ask themselves that. People forget the cabinets are just glorified shelves to hold all your things in, which most of us don’t use half of. It was aesthetically pleasing before staining. Why mess with it when you could use your time to do so many other things.

  6. I love the new kitchen.  Dark cabinets are beautiful. We will be doing something similar to our kitchen very soon.

  7. Why are you referring to the darker finish as “faux?” It’s a wood finish on wood. Wouldn’t faux, meaning false, refer more to say a marble-looking finish on wood? This is just a darker stain. (And it’s beautiful.)

  8. It’s not to my taste, but it’s better than the original and it’s very well done. So many of the ways people do up old cabinets look tacky, this looks very nicely done and if it makes them happy good on them.