How To: Make Easy DIY String-Wrapped Bottle Vases!

How To: Make Easy DIY String-Wrapped Bottle Vases!

I love fun and easy repurposed decor projects and these colorful string-wrapped vases certainly fit that bill!  So save up those empty glass bottles, Curbliers.  It's time to turn them into something pretty (and useful)!   


Rachel Smith, an extremely talented illustrator and the blogger behind Penelope and Pip, shares this simple DIY project.  All you'll need is a few empty glass bottles, wool yarn (in various colors, weights, etc.), and some trusty Mod Podge.  Check out Penelope and Pip for Rachel's tips (and beautifully photographed steps) for getting the yarn/glass/glue combo to work just right!

Speaking of glass bottles, do you have suggestions or tips on where to find uniquely shaped bottles for cheap?  Share your resource ideas below!

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REinventa12 on Sep 22, 2012:

excellent idea! Congratulations

CapreeK on Feb 02, 2012:

Mes Bijoux - Ropes would be great for more of a neutral/rustic vibe! Love that idea.

Anon - Thank you! I wouldn't have ever thought to ask restraurants -- brilliant!

Penelope and Pip - Yay!  I'm thrilled to know that you guys read Curbly!  Your work is fantastic.  Can't wait to see more of what you do! xo

Penelope and Pip on Feb 01, 2012:

Aw...thanks for the lovely mention Capreek! We hope there are lots of lovely yarn wrapped bottles happening soon on your side of the globe too :)

We follow Curbly daily so excited to be a part of the posts!



Anonymous on Jan 30, 2012:

Daughter works at a restaurant and can get empties from there!  Check local restaurants they may give them to you.

mes bijoux on Jan 30, 2012:

oh! I remember when I was at school and we did this sort of bottles with ropes. It will be fun to revive my young time with this DIY.

 kisses from Barcelona!

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