How To: Make Your Own DIY Custom-Shaped Paperclips!

How To: Make Your Own DIY Custom-Shaped Paperclips!

It's office month, as you know, and what's more office-y than paperclips??  (A stapler, probably...) We realize you can buy paperclips in bulk, but wouldn't it be cooler to have your own custom paperclips to attach to greeting cards, gift toppers, or those pesky TPS reports*?   


Chelsea from Lovely Indeed walks us through all the steps to start creating your own paperclips in any crazy shape your heart desires (think custom letters or initials for the gift recipient, hearts for Valentine's Day, mustaches for people who are still into that).  Here's what you'll need:

  • pencil and paper (for sketching your shapes)
  • needle nose pliers
  • jewelry wire

After that, what you make is up to you!  Check out Chelsea's tutorial over on The Sweetest Occasion for instructions and tips on how to make great shapes (that look like you actually have motor skills--no one wants dumpy DIY paperclips).

created at: 01/26/2012

Looking for a little bit of a cheat when it comes to heart-shaped Valentine paperclips (or a new use for those paperclips you picked up with your "magnet mop")?  Check out How About Orange to learn how to turn regular paperclips into hearts!

*Not really--these are mostly for decoration or embellishing AWESOME projects and/or gifts you've already made.

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Jay on May 23, 2013:

i have been trying it for days, and the wire just doesnt seem to stay. thinner gages bend, and thicker ones look very strange as paperclips. is it any specific jewelry wire that you used or any??

CapreeK on Jan 29, 2012:

Of course! It's such a great little project! xo

Chelsea C. on Jan 27, 2012:

Hey!  Thanks for the feature, guys!

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