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If you read my blog post (and resulting comments from my fellow Curbliers) about granite countertops, you've discovered several reasons why a lot of people hate them. High on the list were coldness, chipping and its 'busy pattern.' I'm going to throw out another reason not to like it: It's not FUN. What would constitute a fun countertop? How about these very retro solid surface specimens:

 Pictured above, with close-up below, is Formica's Citron Ice. It reminds me of something my grandmother would have had in her 50's kitchen. 

I'm loving Formica's Deep Blue Ice for the same reasons:

For something at oozes personality, it doesn't get much better than Formica's All That Jazz.

Heavy hitter of the solid surface world, Corian, offers up these sweet colors:

Arctic Mint

Arctic Strawberry

Corian and Formica might be the most well-known in the solid surface world, but there are plenty other out there including Avonite, Corinthian, Wilsonart and Swanstone, to name just a few.  Although each offer a HUGE variety of colors including these very fun and retro samples, I'm wondering why its virtually impossible to find photos of them in situ. There MUST be a kitchen out there with an All That Jazz countertop, no? If not, how sad. :(

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Karen on Sep 10, 2012:

My hubby and I love ALL THAT JAZZ. But I hear it may be discontinued. I feel with all those color...what ever changes we have in the future IE paint, it will be easy to match. We both want all white cabinets, we are not into wood finishes for the kitchen. So we feel ALL THAT JAZZ will give it a pop!


Honey924 on Jan 31, 2012:

These remind me of those mustard yellow and avacado green formica tops (and toilets, tubs etc) that were probably trendy for a few years, then quickly became dated and impossible to decorate around. My point is that I think the investment into countertops is too great to risk on something that is so trendy.

Here's an idea, how about using a nuetral color for your main countertops and a brightly colored countertop on an island? Replacing the island's top won't hurt your wallet (or heart) as badly as replacing the entire kitchen's countertops, and you still get the bright color you like.

nicethingsby on Jan 29, 2012:

Loving the retro vibe. Lovely ice-cream colours.

Holland on Jan 28, 2012:

All That Jazz is wonderful adventure! I often prefer a frankly faux effect to the deadly ernestness of reality.

Joanie on Jan 27, 2012:

Love, love, love!!!

Amy on Jan 25, 2012:

Um, nope, not here.  I don't mind fun for paint colors or "things to put", but I want my countertop to fade into the background and match every change I make for the next twenty years.  Them's not cheap to change (though the Citron Ice does give me warm fuzzies).

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