How To: Make a DIY Waterless Hot Water Bottle (Free Template)!

How To: Make a DIY Waterless Hot Water Bottle (Free Template)!

I wanted to say something about this fleece "hot water bottle" giving you warm fuzzies, but I just couldn't.  Or could I?  Oh snap, I just did.  Now that that terrible pun is purged from my system, let's get on with this heart-warming how-to.  (I'm so sorry, I can't stop.)   


If you're not still hung up on my awful puns, maybe you're asking yourself what the "waterless" part of this hot water bottle is all about.  Can you guess?

Yes? No? Give up?

It's filled with rice!  Rice warmers have been around since forever, but this is one of the cutest I've seen.  Turns out, it's also incredibly easy to make (and would be a great little Valentine's Day gift... what with the heart and all). Suzie from Unschool Plus shares her how-to over on Instructables, but here's what you'll need:

  • red fleece (1/2 yard will make 3 bottles)
  • scrap muslin or cotton fabric for inner liner
  • scissors
  • 2 lbs of dried rice
  • sewing machine--or--needle and thread

Once you've got your supplies at the ready, head over to Instructables for, well, the instructions plus a free downloadable "water bottle" template!

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Anonymous on Jan 15, 2015:

Does it last as long as a hot water bottle? Mine last for hours and hours. Still a bit warm when I wake up in the morning :)

DesigningMom on Jan 27, 2012:

Yes it does. When you're in pain you don't feel like sewing anything, you just want relief.

CapreeK on Jan 27, 2012:

Ha! Yes, you definitely don't want to forget about it in the microwave... :D

And I've totally done the tube sock thing, too!  Works like a charm.

DesigningMom on Jan 27, 2012:

Yep. Popcorn. If I remember correctly you heat it for about a minute and a half. You don't want to pop it ofcourse. It's quite hot to begin with so beware. Since I have problems with my neck I used to just buy tube socks, fill them with popcorn and tie a knot at the top heat it and wrap it around my neck. No sewing involved at all.

CapreeK on Jan 27, 2012:

DM - Popcorn! I would have never thought of that. Great idea.

DesigningMom on Jan 26, 2012:

Adorable! I've made this type of heating pad with popcorn before. Not sure about rice, but popcorn gives off a moist heat.

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