Roundup: Hundreds of Easy Freezable Meal Recipes


Meatballs in rich tomato sauce

The last thing many of us want to do at the end of a busy day is to start another project that is dinner. From figuring out what to make to cleaning up, it can carve out an easy hour or two of our time. That's 14 hours of dinner prep for just one week! To make life much easier, how about spending a few hours to get the same job done? The trick is finding recipes that freeze well. That's where this roundup comes into the discussion. 

But FIRST a few words about freezing. Cooling hot food quickly before freezing is imperative, as is wrapping/containing to prevent freezer burn and odor containment. There are also tricks to thawing. Thawing in the refrigerator takes longest but it is the best and safest method. Frozen food can last forever in the freezer and be safe to consume; however, it might not taste so great, so labeling with 'best if used by' dates is a good idea. For more freezing, thawing, quality and safety tips, visit this page on All Recipes.

Frozen Food Timetable:

created at: 01/20/2012

Now for the tasty stuff! From Winter Vegetable Chowder to Chicken Gumbo Pot Pie, Good Housekeeping has a nice--and beautiful--selection of freezable meal recipes. Check out this page and this page.

created at: 01/20/2012

The Kitchn has some great freezer-friendly recipes too. Their list consists of soups, sauces main dishes and tasty ideas on how to use meat, which can be too dry to eat after reheating. 



If you're feeling really ambitious, My Recipes has a MONTH of freezable meal ideas. 

Hamburger Steak With Sweet Onion-Mushroom Gravy

The Food Network's list of make-ahead casseroles is short but it's noteworthy. 


Eating Well jumps into the fray with their selection of 25 healthy freezer recipes

created at: 01/20/2012

And the granddaddy of ALL frozen meal caches? It comes from Taste who gives us a whopping 839 freezer-friendly recipes, almost all of which include tips on freezing, thawing and cooking. Note that this site comes to us from Australia, so amounts are in grams. But no worries! Here's a handy conversion calculator for both dry and liquid ingredients. 

Braised lamb shanks

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Erin on Jan 20, 2012:

This is so wonderful!! Since going back to work in July after having my daughter, planning ahead is crucial and I LOVE having meals frozen and ready to thaw and cook. So great to have so many sites with new ideas. Thank you!

Alison @ Ingredients, Inc. on Jan 20, 2012:

correct. Both of them

DIY Maven on Jan 20, 2012:

@Alison--That wasn't me. Perhaps it was Chris or Bruno?? ;)

Alison @ Ingredients, Inc. on Jan 20, 2012:

fun post! Love your site! So great to meet you in Salt Lake

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