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Roundup: Five Fruit “Dishes” You Can Eat Out Of!

by on Jan 13, 2012

What do kegs, cups, bowls, and shot glasses all have in common?  You can make them out of fruit of course!   


created at: 01/12/2012

And by “of course”, I really mean “Who knew?”, because I would have never thought to turn a giant watermelon into a keg.  But you can!  The folks at Food Network Magazine show you how right here.

created at: 01/12/2012

I can’t think of anything better than drinking apple cider out of an apple cup.  Except maybe…

created at: 01/12/2012

Eating caramel-covered ice cream out of an apple cup! (You can even use apple cups for Sangria like the folks at Rock UR Party suggest.)

created at: 01/12/2012

Get more bang for your boozie buck by turning strawberries into shot glasses.  Erica from Sweet Tooth suggests dipping the bottoms in chocolate then filling the insides with chocolate liqueur.

created at: 01/12/2012

This last one is kind of a no-brainer.  Since you’ve already gone to all the trouble of balling those melons, you may as well turn the empty shell into a bowl for that fruit salad!

So, melons and apples apparently make great fruit “dishes”.  Can you think of any others that might work?  Or, how else would you use an apple cup or a melon bowl?  Share your ideas below!

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