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How to: Make a DIY Upcycled Coat and Purse Hanging Station

by on Jan 10, 2012

With our warm winters, we don’t have a need for a coat rack.  In fact, the coat closet in our condo is home to our camping gear because the very idea of having designated square footage for coats is silly when it is 72 degrees outside (which did make for an awkward situation when we had people over for dinner and they handed me their light jackets… I just stood there like an idiot holding them instead).  Even so, this fun idea doesn’t take up storage space, and is pretty fun to look at too.   Inspired by some pretty wooden hangers and a her need for a coat and purse rack, Courtney worked her magic to create a one-of-a-kind piece for her entryway.

created at: 01/10/2012

Courtney gives the low-down on her blog, A Little Glass Box.

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