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I have wanted to make my boys a cute DIY kitchen ever since I saw them on pinterest. They are just so darn cute and you can completely customize it to fit your tastes and needs.

A few months ago my husband and I were trying to clean out the garage and getting ready to make a salvation army drop off. We had a small students desk that we did not need and were about to load it into the car when we realized it could make a cute little kitchen.

Desk to Kitchen
The idea was awesome but then we waited and waited. On December 16th we realized that we had better start working on it if we really wanted to give it to the boys for Christmas.
Desk to Kitchen
My husband had the great idea to cut down one of our old original kitchen cabinets (yes that was what was in our kitchen when we bought the house and believe me I am so glad we were able to renovate the kitchen) to make a microwave.

Desk to Kitchen
Josh started by cutting off the bottom trim to give it a nice clean line on the bottom. We also wanted to make it a little shorter so our boys can reach everything.

Desk to Kitchen
Josh lowered the drawer on the left to be under the oven and removed the drawer on the right. Then he added the top shelf and the cut down cabinet to make the microwave. He even found a small metal rack in the garage that he was able to use at the baking rack in the oven.

Desk to Kitchen
Josh was able to use the other door from the kitchen cabinet as the oven door and cut a hole for the facet and sink. Up to this point we had spent $0 because Josh was able to do it all with scraps we had around the house.

I bought paint, replacement oven knobs, hardware, wainscoting, the cheapest faucet I could find, and a metal bowl for the sink.  I think the whole kitchen probably cost us about $40. I used leftover vinyl to make the “windows” for the microwave and oven and the microwave numbers.

Desk to Kitchen
I am so happy with how it turned out, and the boys have been loving it.

Desk to Kitchen
Desk to Kitchen

The boys love “cooking” for everyone that has come to out house since Christmas. And you never know what you will find in the oven.

Desk to Kitchen

 Manliness Note: This was a guest post by my wife.  You can follow our projects at www.joshandmiriam.com.

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marnie on Jan 31, 2012:

this is pretty amazing

pixelfundi on Jan 17, 2012:

Thanks @Ash3.  It was a fun project to build and so far it has seen daily use by the boys, which is how we meter success.  We may need to build an epic parking garage next though since the oven usually has vehicles in it.

Ash3 on Jan 16, 2012:

This is soo cute! The funny thing is that we got a kitchen for our 2.5 year old for Christmas as well (for free with rewards points aka Santa), but your kitchen kicks her kitchen's butt. Don't tell my two year old ;)

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