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How to Make a Fabric Card Tree

by on Dec 14, 2011

Christmas cards hanging by a handcrafted red and white hanger off a white door


When I first spotted this card tree on BHG last week, I knew I wanted to make one this year. So on my next craft/fabric store shopping loop, I looked for some appropriate ribbon. Yeah, I couldn’t find any that I liked. Either they were too glittery or too cutesy. Then it occurred to me that I could just as easily make my own ribbon using fabric. A quick perusal of the ‘Christmas Prints’ left me with the same taste in my mouth as after looking for the ribbon. I then headed on over to the calicos and found a sweet little red and white floral print that had just the right holiday vibe without overdoing it. I bought 1/4 of a yard on sale for 93 cents (seriously, 93 cents) and I was good to go.
I started by cutting a piece 5″ x the entire width of my fabric (can’t remember exactly, maybe 38″) and then sewed it into a tube, closing one end with the seam at the BACK of the tube. I turned it inside right and pressed it flat. I closed the top opening.

I followed the original tutorial‘s placement for the dowels, and used a small length of one along with the zipper foot to sew channels with the right side on top. I used 1/4″ dowels, which I happened to have on hand. 
created at: 12/14/2011
Now…if you want to use ribbon, BHG just says to use hot glue to glue both sides of the double folded ribbon around the dowels that are sandwiched in between.
created at: 12/14/2011
Below is my version hanging on my back door. I’m not sure about the spring clips now that I see it in person. (Any ideas for a substitute?) Also, like the original tute states, this is for displaying just the pretty cards, not ALL the cards you get this holiday season as there really isn’t enough room. Also, you’ll need to keep in mind that the dowels have to be balanced. A small card on one side and a big one on the other won’t do as the dowel will go all kiddywampus. All in all I’m pleased with the results, and I’m looking forward to adding cards. 
created at: 12/14/2011

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