Roundup: How to Make 15+ Christmas Stockings for the Holidays

Roundup: How to Make 15+ Christmas Stockings for the Holidays

Young, old, cat, dog, everybody enjoys a discovering a filled stocking on Christmas morning. The BEST stockings have always been and will ever be homemade. From machine sewn to no-sew, from knit to crochet, in this round up, we've amassed hundreds--yes hundreds--of stocking tutorials to help you make this Christmas joyful and bright!

To ease ourselves into things, we're going to start with a super-simple  stocking-making video from Hobby craft

created at: 12/06/2011

Family Fun Go has some GREAT tutorials, including this Ice Skate Stocking,

and this Paw Stocking. (LOVE the furry texture!)

Other Family Fun Go options include a ballet slipper, an elf boot, a cowboy boot, a bare foot and a fancy boot. Click here for links to all.

If you're looking for something fun and modern, look no more. The stockings, available at MissMosh's Etsy shop for 25 dollars a pop, provide for some excellent inspiration for the DIYer. (We'd probably opt for felt to make them.) 

CHOOSE ONE - Elf Dots or Mod Stripe Stockings

Speaking of Etsy, check out this MCM stocking from StudioTree. Much as the two stockings above, this one is DIYable too. Again, felt is the way to go. See others here.

Christmas Stocking - Mid Century  Modern Tulip Chair
 This next set of stockings were made using a tutorial from Sew 4 Home. Their maker, a blogger at Warehouse Fabrics Inc., includes shares some great tips on applique.

created at: 12/06/2011

If you're a quilter or know one, then this Strip Pieced Christmas Stocking from The Purl Bee might need to go on your 'to-make' list.

Props to Lynn for strategic placement of her stocking pattern onto a pair of old blue jeans. 

created at: 12/06/2011

Jumping on to the burlap popularity train are these 'natural-look' stockings from Southern Living. (Although, they do kinda look like they'd belong to Batman's Scarecrow.)

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Burlap Stockings

Here's a stocking from Restitch Me that echos the 'rosette pillow' craze of late.

created at: 12/06/2011

 Stockings can be elegant and understated too, as exampled in this project from Woman's Day

christmas stocking patterns

If you're not a sewer, here's an equally elegant vintage-y, no-sew stocking from Susie Harris

Always in style are knitted or crochet stockings. A great resource for those of the knitted variety is Knitting Pattern Central. Go to this page and type Christmas Stocking in the pattern search field for a list of 34 free patterns. For crocheted stockings, KPC's sister site Crochet Pattern Central is the place to go. Currently they have 49 free patterns in their database.

Knit Sparkly Christmas stocking pattern from Coats & Crafts UK.

 Of course, Ravelry must be mentioned at this point as well. If you search Christmas Stocking on their home page, you'll see they have links to no less than 1065 patterns in knit and crochet. Three hundred and fifty-six of them are free. You'll have to become a member to gain access to their database. If you haven't yet become a member, do so. You won't regret it. 

 Crocheted Polka Dot Christmas Stockings by Priscilla Hewitt:


Looking for more seasonal DIY projects and ideas?

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Anonymous on Sep 25, 2013:

I love these they are all beautiful they inspire me with my own ideas!

Mardy on Sep 23, 2013:

In the future to preserve your homemade Christmas stockings.... Put an unwrapped bar of soap in it (your favorite scent) and put them in ziplock bags before you box them with the rest if your Xmas stuff

Annie on Nov 15, 2012:


DIY Maven on Dec 08, 2011:

Oh, Laura...that is a lovely story! Except maybe the mouse part. ;) Did your mom teach you how to crochet? 

Laura on Dec 08, 2011:

I just gasped when I saw the crocheted polka dot Christmas stockings. They are the exact same pattern of stockings that my sisters and I had growing up; my mom made them. They were "retired" from duty one year because a mouse found them in our basement and chewed holes in them. I had pretty much forgotten about those stockings, but now I am in tears remembering those homemade stockings. I am 41 years old, and now I think I need to call my mom. 

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