How to Make a Soda Can Safe

How to Make a Soda Can Safe

Here's a how-to for every 007 wannabe: A hollow-bottomed soda can safe perfect to hide your family jewels.  Or you can buy one at Diversion-Safes for about 11 bucks (plus 7 bucks for shipping and handling, of course.) 

Pic via instructions at How 2 Do Stuff.


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balubalu on Apr 01, 2007:

I got a "safety" can opener that avoids the metal getting sharp when opening food cans. I never tried it on a drinking can though :)

DIY Maven on Mar 31, 2007:

What, pray tell, did an elementary school lad keep in his hollow 7-Up can, hmmmmm????

Chris Gardner on Mar 31, 2007:

We used to make these in elementary school; though a perpetual 7-Up can on my bookshelf began to look conspicuous.

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