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Create an Op Art Bulletin Board

by on Mar 20, 2007

Here’s a quick an easy tutorial on making a cork bulletin board out of kitchen trivets!
  • 12 Cork Trivets (such as the Heat trivet from Ikea, $1.99 for three)
  • Sheet of Tempered Hardboard, luan, or other lightweight wood panel
  • 12 linear feet (two 6’ lengths) of pine trim 
  • Paint and supplies
  • Picture hanging hardware
  • Tape Measure
  • Miter Saw, Miter Box, or Crosscut saw
  • Wood Glue
  • Several wood clamps, and/or small, heavy objects (such as free weights)
  • Safety glasses
Twelve round disks are placed on a tray.
1. Rough fit your trim and trivets atop the backing piece.
2. Cut your backing panel to size. If using the Heat trivets from Ikea, 35 1/4” x 25 5/8” fits perfectly with 1 3/8” trim.
Foam roller painter with metal handle on painted surface.
3. Paint the backing panel, using two coats.
4. While the paint is drying, cut the wood trim to form your frame. The dimensions will be the same as the backing piece. If desired, cut the trim at 45-degrees to make mitered corners, measuring to the long side of the angle.
5. Paint the trim a complementary color, and let dry.
Clamps are holding up a panel with blue trim on it.
6. Using wood glue, attach the frame to the backing piece. If desired, secure with short finishing nails. (You’ll have to be careful: hardboard is very hard (duh!), and it will be difficult to drive short nails in with adequate force. If you have a nail gun, by all means…) Clamp and allow glue to dry. 
A large circular piece of cork board covered with a large swirl of glue.
7. Lay out you trivets, and then with a substantial amount of wood glue (or consult THIS to THAT for more options), attach the trivets one by one, working your way around the board, so that the pre-placed trivets don’t slide around. Once glued, use clamps or heavy objects to keep the trivets in place as they dry. 
8. Attach hanging hardware, apply pushpins, and be mod AND organized! 

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