Bug Table Ikea-Hack

Bug Table Ikea-Hack
I actually saw this credenza here first.... oooh, I love the word credenza. credenza. cred... Okaaay.

It's available at http://vivavi.com/ and is in this month's edition of Domino.

It's completely lovely and caused me to seriously consider pulling a bank heist, (George Clooney makes it seem so easy) But instead of that I deciced to do this:

I found some anatomically correct butterfly clip art, traced them onto wood effect contact paper, stuck 'em onto a LACK table (from Ikea) that we happen to have and there we go... 

Huh. It occurs to me that I have been talking about contact paper A LOT  .... I don't actually work for the nice folks at Grip-Tac, I just seem to be using their stuff a lot....

Anyway, not as pretty as the  Credenza but it means I don't have to resort to crime and land back in Sing Sing...

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jennifer ramos on May 22, 2009:

jennifer ramos...i was actually STARTED searching for this contact paper...it pays to READ... : )

Jen Ramos
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Pedroo on Jun 27, 2007:

Hey, nice work!

Do you know how to get Grip-Tac© or anything relative online ? 

DesigningMom on May 29, 2007:

Isn't it amazing how creative we get just because we're not overly paid.  I love it!

BenJK on May 15, 2007:

Awesome idea.  Heres my attempt:

baconthecat on Apr 16, 2007:

Holy mackerel, I LOVE your idea. I remember seeing that credenza and nearly wetting my pants... Er... Anyway, thanks for the affordable, DIY version! I'm definitely going to have to try it out on some of my furniture.

pelirojita on Mar 31, 2007:

I saw that credenza too and started drooling.  I was considering modifying and Ikea/thrift find with decoupage, but maybe contact paper is the way to go.

Well done, love layout of your design.


chickenbiskit on Mar 25, 2007:

this is the best ever

dervinz on Mar 17, 2007:

great! looks really nice!
perhaps i'll adapt this work (of course in orange paper) for my old, shitty LACK...

tschoerda on Mar 15, 2007:

lovely! though i really love my white furniture (cheap ikea things) that particular piece inspires me a lot ... i should get my hands on some contact paper too!

beccajo on Mar 14, 2007:

lurve it! i saw that piece as well, and thought about hacking my own dresser.......love the ant detail on the leg!

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