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Bug Table Ikea-Hack

by on Mar 13, 2007

DIY creative ideas in using paper to art.I actually saw this credenza here first…. oooh, I love the word credenza. credenza. cred… Okaaay.

It’s available at and is in this month’s edition of Domino.

It’s completely lovely and caused me to seriously consider pulling a bank heist, (George Clooney makes it seem so easy) But instead of that I deciced to do this:

"Artwork on a table with simple designs"

I found some anatomically correct butterfly clip art, traced them onto wood effect contact paper, stuck ’em onto a LACK table (from Ikea) that we happen to have and there we go… 

The corner of a table with a painting of a bug crawling up one of its legs.

Huh. It occurs to me that I have been talking about contact paper A LOT  …. I don’t actually work for the nice folks at Grip-Tac, I just seem to be using their stuff a lot….

Anyway, not as pretty as the  Credenza but it means I don’t have to resort to crime and land back in Sing Sing…

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