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Tracy on Sep 20, 2014:

Super easy to make. I did these yesterday with 6th graders w/ disabilities...all could do. :) sticky fun!
Melted choc then put dish of choc over dish of hot water to keep warm. Dip kiss in choc. Attach to cookie. Let sit a bit.
Use blunted toothpick to dab a bit of choc on other side of cookie then attach chip.
*** 2 notes - We used Butterscotch chips to keep the light brown color of the acorn.
- chill cookies, chips, and kisses. Makes the choc set up very quickly.
Have fun!!!!!

DIY Maven on Aug 11, 2012:

@Amanada--not sure why that original link is so tweaky! Oh, well, I added another that will take you to directions to make them. Here it is.

Amanda on Aug 11, 2012:

Sorry but I can't get to the directions! Do you just kinda melt everything together?

DIY Maven on Oct 29, 2011:

@Stepahanie F...thanks for the heads up! The link is fixed now. 

Stephanie F on Oct 29, 2011:

Alas, the links are currently going to the picture in the creepy-houses story!

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