Eye Candy: Scrumptious Bohemian Interiors

Eye Candy: Scrumptious Bohemian Interiors

Imagine approaching your next room re-do with an anything-goes, no rules decorating style. Does that sound like fun or does it sound like a recipe for disaster? Done the right way, however, you could have something quite remarkable to show for your work.

The living room pictured above belongs to Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac fame whose wife, Kristen, just happens to be an interior designer. Elle Decor describes the Buckingham residence as "haute bohemia meets 1920 elegance." You can see more pics and read the entire article here

As you can tell bo-ho interiors do NOT shy away from patterns or a bit of glitz. Also note the neutral backdrop in this room as in the previous example. The color comes from the fabrics and art, not the walls. 

Living Room: Bohemian: Colourful Glamour

Blending of textures is a key element to bohemian design. Check out the mix in this room. They range from weathered and raw to sleek and shiny. 

In this next room, the backdrop may be dark, but it's still neutral. The blend of styles is startling. 

created at: 10/25/2011

Bohemian doesn't always have to be over the top busy, as exampled in this interior. Yes, there's a lot going on, but it still maintains serenity. 

And finally we have this example from designer Holly Dyment. Again, we have a (relatively) neutral backdrop. The books provide for an abundance of color as well as texture. 

Designer: Holly Dyment

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