Holly Turns a $40 Rug into a Show-Stopping Focal Point

Holly Turns a $40 Rug into a Show-Stopping Focal Point

It's easy to get excited about furniture. And it's plenty fun to explore paint colors, wall art options, and accessories. After all, those are what go into a room's design, right?

Well, yeah. That's part of it. But don't forget those other two sides of the space - the ceiling, and the floor. Of course, a room defining floor piece can often cost significantly more than that can of paint or awesome framed print. Like, a whole lot more.

Unless, of course, you take Holly's advice, and transform the whole space for a cool $50.  

created at: 10/17/2011

She says, "a white chair, with white walls and white floors doesn't work... at least not for me...  if you've seen other stuff i have done in my blog you probably realize i'm not afraid of color or bold patterns... and i knew i needed a great bright color on the floor for these chairs to pop off of... so, i set out to paint a rug and make that happen... i have to say "watermelon smoothie" by glidden is my new favorite color! and how groovy does it look with views into my striped hallway and painted bedroom wall and then to my living room??? i love it!!!"

created at: 10/17/2011

See the full how-to at The Almost 40-Year-Old Intern

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Anonymous on Oct 14, 2015:

Looks like she used boxes because it was easier to line them up, then took some of the borders off.That's why the patterns not exactly the same in the before.

Eric on Mar 25, 2015:

Is there any more information on how to do this project (sorry, I can't seem to find any detail).

Kind of tape used?    Type of paint used?   Tips?   Drying time?    Type of rug?

Any help is greatly appreciated as I would love to try this on a couple of unused rugs I have.

Be well,


kat on Mar 01, 2014:

where did you find the plain rug?

Chris Gardner on Aug 08, 2013:

@Anonymous - Actually, it is the same rug. If you click through to Holly's post, you'll see how she created the pattern. I spoke with her personally about this project. It's 100% legit.

Anonymous on Aug 07, 2013:

The After picture is not the same pattern as what is taped out in the Before picture...

Vidya Sury on Oct 24, 2011:

Gorgeous transformation! Heading over to Almost-40....now :D

DesigningMom on Oct 17, 2011:


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