Before & After: A Kitchen of Amazing Awesomeness!

Before & After: A Kitchen of Amazing Awesomeness!

You may think the title is an exaggeration, but folks, I swear it's not (it's also what the homeowner calls it and, frankly, I have to agree)!  So, are you ready to ditch this frightening 'before' and get on with the 'after' party of amazing awesomeness?!  Let's go.  


created at: 10/17/2011

Madame Sunday, as you may know her from the Internets, recently completed this incredible kitchen renovation.  From the cabinets to the lighting, the tile to the stainless steel farmhouse sink (YUM), I love everything about it!  She catalogs the entire adventure over on her (highly entertaining) blog ModernSauce, so go check it out!

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CapreeK on Oct 17, 2011:

YESSSS!  I'm holding you to it.

ModernSauce on Oct 17, 2011:

Like dolphins jumping over a sunset?!  Unicorn drinking from a forest stream?!  Consider it done.

CapreeK on Oct 17, 2011:

@ModernSauce It really does look amazing... and awesome. And I would love to see some glamour shots--any way to work some air brushed backgrounds into this scenario?

ModernSauce on Oct 17, 2011:

What a treat to be featured today - a nice surprise!  Thank you all for your kind words!  Due to some technical difficulties (ahem - me) the photos are a little awkward and the lights are weird.  I think it's time for some kitchen glamour shots...  I'll bust out the bedazzled jean jacket...

zero34 on Oct 17, 2011:

the backsplash, sink and flooring all tie together REALLY nice!

While i love wood counters, i don't know if this is the situation I would have done it in, but they work out none the less just fine. My only thing i'm not sold on is the pendant lights, the shadow they cast above them is distracting to be honest.


None the less, GREAT remodel!

CapreeK on Oct 17, 2011:

@Jess Right?!  I love the combo and that floor is to die for!

Jess on Oct 17, 2011:

Oh my goodness -- that backsplash tile is amazing in conjunction with the flooring.  Love it!

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