How to Paint Ceramic

How to Paint Ceramic

Lauryn says, yes, it IS possible to paint ceramics. Case in point: she found the less than appealing color brown teapot shown above at a thrift store. Her vision for it was a wee bit green. So she assembled her materials, which included rubbing alchohol, a paint brush, a lot of patience and Americanna Gloss Enamels paint by Decoart. Here's what it looks like now:    

created at: 09/29/2011

Lauryn says that the teapot is for decoration purposes only and that the paint she used is emphatically NOT to be used in direct contact with food. To read/see the entire process follow this jump.

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mishie1 on Jan 01, 2013:

Traditionally, when you paint ceramics for the first time, you glaze the interior with a food safe paint, and then bake it. I don't know if you could re-glaze and re-bake, but if the original teapot was food safe, and you didn't paint the interior I would imagine there being a problem.

Leslie on Sep 15, 2012:

Is there a paint you can use to still keep it food safe?

Deb on Feb 26, 2012:

Wow ! I had no idea that glossy ceramic could be painted. That color reminds me of the new tendrils of a fern .

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