Make It: A Simple Wool Blanket Window Shade!

Make It: A Simple Wool Blanket Window Shade!

It's time to cozy up for fall!  Turn wool blankets into repurposed window shades in a few easy steps--then sit back and bask in the warmth of your handiwork!  


By using Army surplus blankets, which hover around $15-$20, you can get a great looking window shade at an even better cost.  Matt Pierce from Wood&Faulk shares this simple DIY project on ReadyMade, so head over for the full tutorial!

Meanwhile, can you think of any other great ways to repurpose wool blankets?  Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

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Anonymous on Jun 29, 2014:

Ready Made is no longer in business. The instructions are now published at http://woodandfaulk.com/make/army-surplus-curtain-diy-revisit

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