Before & After: A Colorful Mix 'n' Match Chair Bench!

Before & After: A Colorful Mix 'n' Match Chair Bench!

What do you do with three mismatched chairs you thrifted at different times??  Why, make a colorful chair bench, of course!  

created at: 10/03/2011

Kindall, the super crafty super thrifter from the blog Kindall's Creations, created this playful bench from second hand chairs, only paying between $2 -$6 each!  After making sure that each chair was the same height, she set to work sanding, painting, and glazing before joining them together.  The custom cushion she created by combining two king-size bed pillows.  Brilliant!

Check out more details about this project over on Kindall's Creations!

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CapreeK on Oct 03, 2011:

Yes, do it!  You could make a super awesome one to complement your chevron wall, I know it!

MegRuth on Oct 03, 2011:

This is genius! I totally want a settee for my table but it's hard to find the right height for a dining table. This is brilliant!

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