Make It: Watertight Plastic Bag Containers

Make It: Watertight Plastic Bag Containers

I have a soft spot for DIYs that have the ability to look like art installations but are also functional. Such is the case with these watertight plastic bag containers that serve a million and one purposes!  

created at: 09/28/2011

There's not a whole lot to them, but the results are impressive – don't you think? Because they're watertight I think a group of the cups or bowls would make for great seed starters come spring. I'm also entertaining visions of a rainbow of organizational containers on my desk. And maybe even some great packaging for wrapping odd shaped gifts – a two in one! (And who doesn't love that?) I also can't get the art installation angle out of my mind, perhaps a series of similarly hued bowls attached to the wall in a grouping? I think so.

For the full how-to pop on over to supercyclers! and get to making!

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