Roundup: 5 Eco-Friendly Materials for Building The Ultimate 'Green' Kitchen!

Roundup: 5 Eco-Friendly Materials for Building The Ultimate 'Green' Kitchen!

Curbliers, it's time to get down with 'the green team'!  Whether you're remodeling, starting a new build, or just like daydreaming about gorgeous kitchens, we've rounded up our five favorite eco-friendly building materials.  Ready to dream green?  Let's go!  


1. Countertops:

Caesarstone is GreenGuard certified, LEED certified, produces low or no VOC emissions, and was the first surfacing company to receive an ISO 14001 certification - a global standard specifically for environmental protection.  They also have a "recycled collection" made from recycled quartz scraps and pre- and post- consumer recyclables.  Plus, all their surfaces are nonporous, so you don't have to worry about surface mold or bacteria (gross).

Shown: Spring Blossom / Recycled Collection

2. Cabinets:

Bamboo cabinets by AlterECO are made using FSC-certified bamboo (a highly renewable resource), NAUF-free adhesives (no-added urea-formaldehyde), and zero to very low VOC finishes.  And, well, they look amazing.

3. Backsplash:

The Viridian Tile Collection from Modwalls features 98% pre-consumer recycled glass (made from reclaimed windows and manufacturing waste from window and windshield production).  Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, too!

Shown: Viridian Brix Cotton

4. Flooring:

Cork flooring from Duro Design is available in 54 colors and 6 patterns (and has 3 LEED certifications).  Although cork is a completely renewable resource, this flooring is made from 100% post-industrial recycled content from wine-stopper production.  This material is also naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal - perfect for use in kitchens!

Shown: Baltico in Cobalt

5. Paint:

Benjamin Moore has a collection of "Green Promise" products including the popular low-VOC Aura and zero-VOC Natura bases.  Their Eco Spec WB paint also qualifies for LEED credit, making it the "greenest" commercial paint on the market.  Bonus?  They're available in any of your favorite Benjamin Moore colors... only 'greener' and less headache-inducing!

Shown: Pale Almond

So, Curbliers, we've shown you ours, now show us yours!  What would your dream 'green' kitchen look like?  Are there other eco-friendly materials you're dying to include?  Share your picks in the comments!

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