Weekend Project: Turn a Plant Stand into Cupcake Stand!

Weekend Project: Turn a Plant Stand into Cupcake Stand!

Here is something I like to do on Fridays. I kind of started doing this for the great Pinterest Challenge, and have tried to keep it up ever since. In the morning I take a spin through my Pinterest boards. Maybe new things have made it in there during the week, or maybe there is some old dusty project lurking around that I want to revisit. I pick one, or perhaps two [if they're small], things if they’re small that I would like “to do” for that weekend. I run through a list of things that I already own to complete the project and make note of anything I might need to buy/scrounge up/pilfer/or find on the street. A lot of my Friday nights are spent at Home Depot or Michaels. Hot night in the city... I know!

This week I'm concentrating on a cupcake stand I'm creating for a friends wedding. Her and her fiance are throwing an Indian inspired yogini wedding in Long Island City, Queens. Low key, tasteful, and beautiful... just like they are. The bride wanted something that was handmade but that she could repurpose after the wedding to keep and use in her home. I liked the idea of using wire plant stands as some kind of base because their flowing spirals remind me of beautiful henna art and their open air construction add height without being visually heavy. I was lucky to come across these fantastic vintage silver trays at Housing Works in NYC and got them for a steal thanks to a 25% discount and a hoarded Groupon. $5.44. Not kidding.

created at: 09/08/2011

I think I'm going to refinish the stands in this hammered gold finish from Sophisticated Finishes I have lying around since gilting an old lamp and nearly everything in my apartment. That's right, I'm mixing silver AND gold because I'm a wild-cat like that, plus I think its chic. I can't wait to workshop this project this weekend and improvise with a more creative, but sturdy, configuration.

Come visit my personal blog {Cubicle57} next week to check how it turned out. See how you're keeping me honest and motivated? Thanks Internet! Or better yet, come follow me on Twitter, because I love to share project disasters progress along the way. I've had a blast guest blogging here this week and can't wait for more! Ok, bye now, I'll miss you. Have a fantastic weekend!

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