Before & After: A Bathroom Makeover for Under $25!

Before & After: A Bathroom Makeover for Under $25!

In a world where $40,000 kitchen renovations are common fodder for home improvement television, it's easy to get a little glossy eyed and discouraged by the thought of attempting your own home improvement project.  But don't despair!  We're here to show you just how far your dollar, or 25, can stretch!  


created at: 09/04/2011

Gloria Fox, the blogger and frugal mind behind Potentially Beautiful, had had enough of the pea green floors and bland white walls in her half bath.  But a full renovation was out of the question (and out of her budget).  Instead, she put her creative juices to work and figured out a way to give her outdated bathroom a fresh, updated look for less than $25!  Yes, LESS than $25.  How did she do it?  Check out her blog to find out - she includes loads of pictures, details on how she pulls it off, and a complete cost breakdown for the curious!

Looking for more budget-friendly inspiration?  Check out our list of 9 ways to save money on DIY projects!

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Anonymous on Apr 01, 2013:

the links are all wrong. googled the title and name of blogger and found this:http://potentiallybeautiful.wordpress.com/

CapreeK on Oct 08, 2012:

Anon - Oh, weird!! It looks like she has since taken her site down.

Anonymous on Oct 08, 2012:

Its it just me or are the links going to a dating site ?

CapreeK on Sep 12, 2011:

Gloria, thank YOU for inspiring us! :)

Gloria @Potentially Beautiful on Sep 12, 2011:

Thank you so much for featuring my bathroom! 

CapreeK on Sep 06, 2011:

Ah!  Gotcha.  Definitely check out her post, then enjoy that nap! ;)

DesigningMom on Sep 06, 2011:

Thank you Capree! I know what I did. I clicked on the "Potentially Beautiful" link and not the "Check out her blog" link. Yes, I need more sleep. I woke up early today and couldn't get back to sleep. Think I'll take a nap after I check out her blog.

CapreeK on Sep 06, 2011:

DM - That's odd!  Try this link..?  It goes to the post where she explains what she did as well as how much everything cost.

DesigningMom on Sep 06, 2011:

Very  pretty make over, but I've gone through four or five pages of her blog without finding the full story yet. created at: 01/06/2011

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