How To: Make Your Own Solar-Powered "Sun Jars"!

How To: Make Your Own Solar-Powered "Sun Jars"!

We've shared quite a few mason jar projects here on Curbly (did you see our roundup of 15 awesome uses for mason jars?) and we've even highlighted a purchasable sun jar, too.  Of course, it couldn't be too long before we found a DIYable version, right?  Well, at least not if the industrious people of the Internet have their way.  So, if you haven't yet exhausted your supply of jars from all those other rad projects and are looking for a fun, eco-friendly lighting solution, read on!  

Jason Fitzpatrick shares a pretty straight forward method over on LifeHacker for creating your own DIY sun jars (based on the above pictured lights by Suck UK, available from House8810).  All you need are a few basic supplies (readily available from dollar stores and the like):

  • Solar Powered LED Garden Lights
  • Mason Jars
  • Frosting Spray

When you're ready to start assembling your own little army of sun lights, check out Jason's full tutorial right here!

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