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Roundup: 12 DIY Kitchen Tables, Islands, and Cupboards You Can Make Yourself

by on Aug 23, 2011

For the amount of time we spend in our kitchens (or, if you are like me, should spend in their kitchen), it is likely we have some DIY touches here and there to make it our own unique space.  Today I’ve rounded up twelve kitchen furnishing staples, all do-it-yourself style.

For eat-in kitchens or separate dining spaces, a table is a must.  What do you do if you find yourself needing a dining that a) isn’t available, or b) is way too pricey?  How about you make it yourself? 

1.  This sheet-metal covered tabletop was made from scratch by Gabrielle of Design Mom.  It is higher than standard tables, is massively huge for her growing and busy family, and is a statement piece in their home. 

2. For something a little lighter but still delightful, how about using pre-made legs for your custom table-top?  This rustic and cozy table from Stylizimo is a breath of fresh air.

3.  Perfect for the small eat-in kitchens, a round table top with hairpin legs is a great modern option.  This one from For Me, For You was exactly what she needed for her kitchen space.

4.  If you want to go Big and Beautiful, how about this farmhouse-style charmer made from plans by Anna White?  The husband and wife team at Made By Bird put the plans to good use with their stunning table.

Let’s move to another area in the kitchen: the middle!  Sometimes that little extra space can be filled with more storage and counterspace with a DIY island.

created at: 08/22/2011

5.  This one began as a dresser and found new life and purpose in the kitchen as a great island.  You can find the before, after, and tutorial at Sanity and Chaos.

6.  From scratch again, Anna White has plans for a farmhouse kitchen island that isn’t too terribly Farmhouse.  This one has two functioning drawers too!

7.  How about revamping your existing island?  Those builder-basics can be a real eyesore, but not with some decorative molding, new brackets, and some self-installed granite tiles.  Starter Home to Dream Home was kind enough to share her before and after and her step-by-step remodel.

If you are like me, you have a wall in your dining area that just needs something.  How about cabinetry?

created at: 08/22/2011

8.  This magnificent piece wasn’t quite as magnificent before (unless you are big into Greek gods), but Southern Exposure made quite the turnaround with custom mirrors and molding and a few coats of paint.  Not only does it look amazing, but the mirrors open up the room that much more.

9.  Ikea AS-IS pieces never had a chance when Little Brick Ranch set her eyes on them.  A little DIY work and some creative thinking resulted in a one-of-a-kind dining room buffet.

10.  Another DIY makeover that makes me want to break out a can of paint and some artistic skills.  This time, Amy added a punch of excitement to her china cabinet with a chevron design on the back of the shelving. 

I know space can be an issue in a lot of kitchens and dining areas, but there are things you can do to spruce up what you already have!

created at: 08/22/2011

11.  This Curbly Original has ModHomeEcTeacher showing us how to recover your bar stools.  Not into ruffles?  Just don’t add one!  Foam is a great way to make your bottom happier while enjoying some company in the kitchen.

12.  How about those old, circa 1980 (and before!) cabinets that just aren’t modern (or classic) enough for your taste?  Thin pieces of hardwood create a masterful custom touch to cabinet doors in this example from the lettered cottage.

So, are you inspired to DIY in the kitchen?  Make your space yours, and try some of these projects out.

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