DIY Kitchen Storage Organization

DIY Kitchen Storage Organization

Organization plays a big role in a house, but nowhere is it quite as important as in the kitchen. There's just so much stuff in such a small space that it's easy to become overwhelmed. Here are a bevy of project ideas to get your wheels turning and the elbow grease churning! Oh, and to get things in order, too. 

First and foremost, what do you spend most of your time in the kitchen doing? Cooking, most likely. If you're like me you have your cookbooks, but you also have piles of recipes you've online and printed out. Grab a binder and this download from Prudent Baby and gather them all together. Voila, done.

Next up, spices. There are a million and one ways to get these little jars of flavor in order, but one of my favorites is this magnetic wall-mounted spice rack that uses small canning jars. Most canning jars even come ready with their own stickers for labeling. Easy to make, easy to find what you're looking for when you need it.

Let's moving on to pots and pans. In my opinion, on of the most annoying things to organize. Mine are in a lower cabinet at the moment and getting one out involves a combination of percussion and yoga. I love this simple pegboard storage idea, especially for smaller spaces. 

Speaking of space, you definitely want to maximize on what you've got. One place I bet you didn't think of is in the kickboard under your lower cabinets. It's not necessary to the structure and be utilized much better with these under-cabinet drawers – perfect for storing cookie sheets and shallow dishes.

While maximizing space is key, you also want to be able to find things easily when you need them. These tiered shelves are incredibly basic to construct and will make your cabinets feel like a window display.

An easy way to store basics like flour and sugar is to pick up a few glass jars at your local craft store. Then check out this little glass etching tutorial using vinyl letter stickers for a great presentation.

Plain quart-sized canning jars are perfect for storing a variety of pastas and grains. They're easily identifiable and the tight sealing lids keep pests out. Also, CHEAP!


A clever magnetic strip is a great way to organize your knives and also free up some drawer or counter space. They also make your knives look like a little art installation, just make sure they're out of reach of tiny hands.

Last, but certainly not least, are your recyclables. Extra pantry space is ideal, but not necessary. These sweet printable labels from poppytalk are great for labeling your bins for easy separation, no matter where they sit. 

What are your most valuable tips when it comes to keeping your kitchen organized?

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Wendy Reaman on May 14, 2014:

Where do i find the drawers for the toe kick. This is an awesome use of space

Anonymous on Jan 24, 2014:

The most useful organizational trick I've learned is to go through periodically and get rid of all the stuff I don't use anymore. As our lives change our kitchen needs change too. I recently went through and got rid of about 1/3 of the stuff in there and I don't miss a single thing.

Beth on Aug 17, 2012:

Where did you find the drawers for the toekick?  I'd love to have some.

kim | kzieglerdesign on Aug 26, 2011:

I had problems trying to figure out what to do with my pot lids. Eventually it hit me: hang them on the wall. With tacks. Like so: http://www.kzieglerdesign.com/2011/03/quick-fix-pot-lid-storage.html It's so easy and convenient! Plus, it allows me to nestle my pots and pans in the drawers.

anita on Aug 25, 2011:

I did a similar thing with the spices, I attached the magnet to the inside of the metal lid (it makes the whole lid magnetic), I labeled them on the bottom instead of the side ( easier to see), and like auschick they are stuck on the side of my fridge which is right next to my prep station. I have a very small kitchen, so I set some open shelves above my sink area, I adjusted the lowest shelf so it wouldn't be in the way of my faucet, and I store my a lot of my small appliances there. I also hang mugs on s-hooks from the sides of the shelves, and my Ladle, Slotted Spoon, Pancake Turner, and Stirring Spoon, hang from S-hooks from the back of the shelves. I am also very short on counter space, so when I am doing a large project I open the 2 drawers in front of my prep station and place a wood board across them, instant extra prep space. I store the board on edge between the fridge and the counter.

auschick on Aug 22, 2011:

i've done a similar thing with my spices, except i have them attached magnetically to the side of my fridge (which is right next to the stove)

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