Check out: Mid-Century Mania!

Scour your local library for a (VHS-only) copy of Mid-Century Mania, an entry from A&E’s series, House Beautiful. This 50-minute docu-showcase looks as if it was completed in the late 90’s (was that REALLY 8 years ago!?), and includes a bit of the basic cable non-fiction cheese and a generic blonde hostess, but the footage makes it more than bearable.

Highlights Include:

Profile of Case Study House #22, "Stahl House":

Check out: Mid-Century Mania!

  • Interview of original architect Pierre Koenig
  •  Interview with then-homeowner, horror film producer Dan Cracchiolo, whom was regrettably killed in a motorcycle accident in 2004

Mid-Century Furniture Primer

  • Commentary by Sam Kaufman from Modernica, and Carla Nora from Carla’s Antiques
  • Spotlight on:
  • Eames Fiberglass Chair and Molded Plywood Chair
  • Saarinen Tulip Table and Womb Chair
  • Nelson Coconut Chair
  • Jacobsen Swan Chair

Profile of Kaufman Desert House, architect: Richard Neutra

  • Explores current owners Beth and Brent Harris’ six year rehab project









Short Bibliography, including:


Are their other mid-century or design "documentaries" worth checking out?  I thought the Sydney Pollack film about Frank Gehry was remarkable.


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jasimar on Mar 08, 2007:

I have absolutely nothing intelligent to add, but I can say that the first picture looks like the house in Charlie's Angels 2.  The one Drew Barrymore fell out of naked.  I liked the house then and I certainly like that one, too.  Also, Drew's adorable. 

badbadivy on Mar 05, 2007:

That is some *awesome* info, thanks! I'll be on the lookout for that video! (and for my VCR, heh)

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