How do I protect my bathroom window from water?

The window in my bathroom is inside the shower. My rental company requires that a second shower curtain remain hung in the shower to protect the window.

This second shower curtain drives me insane. You know how the curtain billows in the steam? I've got that on two sides. SO annoying.

So I was thinking that if I could find some way to keep the water away from the window frame, I could take that second curtain down. This would have the added bonus of making the shower easier to clean.

The only idea I could come up with is putting up that saran wrap stuff you seal your leaky windows with in the winter, except I don't know how that would hold up on the tile in all the steam and water. Any ideas?

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Tracey on Jun 27, 2013:

I would love to know exactly what you did, maybe see a picture. This is exactly what I am facing right now. I've just ordered a curved shower curtain but also would love to do away with the curtain on the inside wall...for both ease of cleaning and to get away from the double sided clinging curtain feel to my showers. I've used magnetic curtains right along and it does not help. Some day I will renovate the bathroom and properly install a window that cannot be seen through but until that is in the budget I'm facing this issue like you are.

Keter on Mar 07, 2007:

Glad to help...just be sure you don't put the caulk over plaster or paint...just over nonporous or very well sealed surfaces.  And use true silicone caulk -- similar to clear RTV -- NOT "siliconized" caulk (which will work but will be a pain in the patoot to remove).  :o)

ericam on Mar 07, 2007:

That with the vinyl and the caulk is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Thanks, Keter!

Keter on Mar 06, 2007:

Heavy vinyl (find at a fabric store) and clear silicone caulk.  Cut the vinyl a few inches larger than the window.  Apply a generous bead of clear silicone caulk to the tile or outside edge of the window frame, then press the vinyl onto it.  Tape in place until the caulk sets.  I did this on a shower window years ago and it gave no trouble at all, and when I was ready to sell the house, it peeled right off.

If you have a metal tub/shower combo, there are curtains that have magnets sealed in the vinyl that will stay stuck to the tub and won't "attack." 

ericam on Mar 05, 2007:

I'll check into a better shower curtain. I was also thinking about putting up one of those curved curtain rods like they have in hotels.

I'd still rather get rid of the one by the window all together, though. Especially to make it easier to clean.

jauclair on Mar 05, 2007:

At Wal-Mart they sell shower curtains (including clear ones, which is the kind I get) that are really heavy vinyl that don't billow, with grommets at the top so the holes for the rings don't rip, and with suction cups on the edges to hold the curtain tight to the wall or the tile or whatever. If you repace both your shower curtains with this kind, you won't get the billowing at all.

Caya123 on Mar 04, 2007:

Fishing weights make good weights for the bottom of the curtain, too.

Caya123 on Mar 04, 2007:

One ghetto way of doing it is get waterproof duck tape. They have that in the hardware stores, and maybe Wal-Mart too. Then you can tape some plastic sheeting or even just part of a plastic garbage bag over the window. Or, you could tape the edges of the curtain down. Maybe you could put the tape into a double-sided loop and tape the curtain down from the back, so it's not so terrible looking. You could also try double-sided carpet tape for this; if it's sufficiently strong, maybe the steam and water wouldn't affect it too much.

I think your other option is suction cups, but where to find them and how to attach them to the curtain, I don't know.

One last idea- you can buy or make a waterproof curtain, and make sure it has a nice hem at the bottom. You can sew washers to the bottom, in the inside or even on the back. The weight would keep it from billowing.

binary_pattern on Mar 03, 2007:

i've never bought any, but i think they make an outdoor version of the window-sealing film, which theoretically would be waterproof, right?

i have a window in my shower, too, but its frame has been encased in plastic.  i'm sure there's still water seeping into cracks and growing terrible things in the wall.

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