Make It: A Simple and Charming DIY Centerpiece Idea!

Make It: A Simple and Charming DIY Centerpiece Idea!

For your next shindig, keep things simple and sweet (and as budget-friendly as possible) with this DIY centerpiece idea!  

Amanda Rydell, the designer behind My Little Dear, shared this easy centerpiece idea on Bump Smitten recently.  As her friend's designated baby shower planner, Amanda needed something that wouldn't break the bank, but still had loads of style and charm.  Her clever solution?  Cover used cans and food containers with pretty paper!  She didn't stop there, though.  She planted each container with potted flowers, leafy plants, and even grass then gave them out as favors at the end of the party.  Bam!  Two birds, one stone.

created at: 08/01/2011

Check out more party ideas on Bump Smitten, included a detailed tutorial for making similar recycled can vases!

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Tina on Jul 18, 2012:

Way cool!  Another fun idea you may like is growing a pet TickleMe Plant from seeds and watching how the leaves fold and the branches droop when Tickled!


alicia on Aug 08, 2011:

I love this!

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