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How To Make Roach Clip Memo/Picture Clips

by on Mar 2, 2007

The picture clips which holds a post and photo using clips.

This is a fun, stylish–not to mention lawful–way to use roach clips.

For those of you who don’t know, roach clips can be found in the electrical department of any hardware or home improvement store. The technical name for the little pinchers are alligator clips, however, so if you have to ask a salesperson where they are, you might want to keep that in mind.

What You Need


A small block of wood (The one used in the example is 1 ½ ” square. I bought mine at a craft store for about a buck, but if you have some scrap wood and a saw, you could very easily make your own. Also, children’s wooden blocks would be GREAT to use too) OR an antique wooden spool.

Alligator clips

Wire (I used heavy weight picture hanger wire, which I found at the craft store for about $3.95 for 25 ft. Yeah, it’s gonna last me forever.)

Craft glue for the wooden block option; hot glue and glue gun for the wooden spool option.


Wire cutter

Drill for wooden block option and drill bit just SLIGHTLY bigger than the diameter of your wire

Craft paint and brush, if desired

What You Do

–Wooden Block Option

Mark your center point on one side, and drill a hole about an inch deep.

A person is drilling into a block of wood.A box with a hole at the top sits on a floor.

Cut about 4 to 5 inch piece of wire, apply craft glue to bottom inch and shove in the hole in block. A lot of your glue will ooze out of the top; don’t worry about this. Just wipe it off the remainder with a paper towel.

A person is pouring something onto a piece of thin metal.Wooden square shaped roch clip with tread.

Using your plier, crimp an alligator clip to the top of your wire. My clips had two “flaps” to crimp. I crimped one down first, and then crimped the second over the first.

"A Roach Clip in the rug"A small brass colored roach clip attached to a thin metal cord.

Paint your block, if desired.

–Wooden Spool Option

Place a piece of tape over the hole in the bottom of your spool.

:A small block of wood

Fill other end with hot glue; shove 4 to 5 inch piece of wire in hole. Rub excess glue from around hole while glue is still pliable.

Person putting glue with glue gun on roach chip.Round shaped wooden roach clip with tread.

Crimp alligator clip to top of wire as in previous option.

Two homemade picture holders are shown.




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