Alternative Uses for Coffee Grounds: Free Cheat Sheet Download

Alternative uses for coffee grounds from Curbly.com

As part of this month's emphasis on thrift, recycling, and creative re-use, we're giving away a series of alternative uses cheat sheets. These are simple, smartly-designed PDFs based on some of our most popular alternative uses blog posts. Print them out and put one on your pantry door, fridge, or in your junk drawer for easy access. 

Today's download: Alternative Uses for Coffee Grounds  

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Stay tuned: alternative uses for baking soda is coming up later this week!

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Brian on Jul 29, 2011:

Hi Bruno I would like to use your cheat sheet in Coffee Bean Magazine for Issue 5 would this be ok.


Kind regards  Brian Cee (Jaycee)

Valerie on Jul 27, 2011:

Hi Bruno! This is very cool--I would never have thought of any of these. I look forward to seeing what the alternative uses for baking soda are. I'm an intern at a new Web startup called earthbongo, which encourages people to create and share projects to make the world better. We'd love it if you checked us out. :-)

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