White Hot: The Ultimate Modern Kitchen Roundup!

White Hot: The Ultimate Modern Kitchen Roundup!

Normally, I have what can only be described as an insatiable appetite for color.  If you looked around my home, it would hit you like a ton of bricks: Purple chair! Green walls! Blue walls! Orange sofa!  You get the picture.  But lately I've been really loving the idea of having an all-white kitchen (I might sneak a few pops of color in there, though, I can't help myself).  So, in my constant search for inspiration, I rounded up a few a bunch of my favorite modern kitchens in this oh-so-clean and crisp palette.  Check 'em out below!   



created at: 08/06/2011

1. Apartment Therapy

2. Apartment Therapy

3. House to Home

4. House to Home

5. LivingEtc

created at: 08/06/2011

6. Velux

7. Canadian House and Home

8. Bolig Magazine

created at: 08/06/2011

9. Lhoas & Lhoas Architects

10. Canadian House and Home

11. House to Home

12. LivingEtc

created at: 08/06/2011

13. Canadian House and Home

14. Remodelista

15. Urzadzamy

created at: 08/06/2011

16. LivingEtc

17. LivingEtc

18. House to Home

19. LivingEtc

created at: 08/06/2011

20. Klikk

21. Canadian House and Home

22. Canadian House and Home

created at: 08/06/2011

23. House to Home

24. LivingEtc

25. LivingEtc

26. House to Home

created at: 08/06/2011

27. Mixr

28. Canadian House and Home

29. Design*Sponge

So, white kitchens: Love 'em?  Hate 'em?  Which one is your favorite?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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CapreeK on Aug 15, 2011:

Creede, I love that kitchen too!

creede on Aug 15, 2011:

Loved my white kitchen too. It was a sad day I sold that house. 

created at: 08/15/2011

CapreeK on Aug 13, 2011:

Erin, I love it!!  Please post more pics when it's done!

Erin on Aug 11, 2011:

I love this post!  My boyfriend and I are in the process of a white kitchen renovation:


white kitchen

We can't wait until it's complete!  We love it so far.

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