Recipe Roundup: Oreo Cookies and Booze

double-stuff-oreos.png Oreos

Yesterday I had a great idea for today's installment of Foodie Friday: a roundup of recipes using Oreo cookies. Little did I know that Nabisco has that pretty much covered. From beverages to pies to candies and everything in between, you can find dozens and dozens of recipes on their website featuring that quintessential black and white sandwich cookie. What they DON'T have in their collection, however, is alcoholic drinks made with Oreo. Yup, Oreo cookies and booze. For those, you gotta come here. ;)

First up is the Oreo and Irish-Cream Milkshake. As the Hungry Mouse puts it, 'it's evil and oh-so-delicious.' Follow this jump for the recipe.

created at: 07/22/2011

If you fancy mint, you'll love a Barnamint Baileys:

If you're a fan of Kahlua, the Oreo Speedwagon is the way to go. (Snaps for the name.)

created at: 07/22/2011

If cocktails are more your style, how about a Cookies & Cream Cocktail?

created at: 07/22/2011

Or may I interest you in an Oreo Martini? 

created at: 07/22/2011

This Oreo Cookie Martini features the cookie as a garnish.

Oreo martini.jpg


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