How To: Turn Logs into a Natural Raised Garden Bed!

How To: Turn Logs into a Natural Raised Garden Bed!

So... let's say you just finished up an epic weekend of tree pruning and yard clearing, or just happen to have a pile of sticks and logs hanging around.  If you're a resourceful Curblier, you know there's something to be done with all that yard waste besides tossing it or turning it into a giant bonfire.  But what?  We have the answer below!  

After clearing his yard for a garden makeover, Instructables user "Jamieicecream" had two dilemmas: 1) What to do with all that yard waste? and 2) How to build a raised garden bed with no money?  The answer lay hidden in the questions themselves and with a bit of ingenuity, Jamie was on his way to building a natural-looking garden bed with nothing but sticks, a few logs, and a couple pieces of straight timber.  The result is not only insanely thrifty, it's absolutely beautiful!

created at: 07/20/2011

Jamie offers an in-depth walk through of the whole process, start to finish, over on Instructables so head over there to see how it's done.  Meanwhile, how would you put a giant pile of branches to good use?  Share your ideas in the comments or check out a few of ours right here!

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