The Anywhere Kitchen

The Anywhere Kitchen

Need a kitchen but don't have the space? Not a problem with Culshaw Bell's Complete Kitchens. They come with an integrated sink, taps, microwave, fridge, induction hob and granite top. Basically, everything a kitchen needs and all for $7,400 U.S. (Of course, with the right cupboard, a similar arrangement could be DIY'd.) Follow this link to Culshaw Bell for more info. 

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Deb on Oct 04, 2017:

I love this !!!!

Kathy on May 16, 2015:

It's a brilliant twist on an old fashioned Hoosier cabinet!

Elle on Apr 18, 2015:

Where can I purchase this any where kitchen It would be perfect for my guest cottage.

Xènia Roca on Apr 16, 2015:

I Like This! Great Idea!

Xènia Roca

Kathy on Nov 03, 2014:

Really cool idea! I remember the old "Hoosier" cabinets from the american midwest and the 'Kitchen Units" from Britain. We made something similar for our off grid camp with an old bar sink and a 5gallon bucket reservoir. For cooking we had a small Coleman Stove. Our fridge was a large commercial sized can inside a 5 gallon bucket filled with wet newspaer or leaves. I would love one of these in our basement.

Helene on Oct 27, 2014:

This is perfect. You can cook stove top, it has two "induction hobs", I looked it up, and its a type of stove top, uses less energy, and the heat goes to the pot, not the surface.  To me that sounds great. And you can replace the microwave with a combo microwave/convection oven.  And toaster ovens are the best thing ever invented, honest try one - can bake small batch's of cookies, bisquits - many things. And as for the fridge being too small, I have one this size, and its enough for me, as I shop daily for most things.

Anonymous on Sep 05, 2014:

The space allocated for the microwave is large enough for a combo Micro, convection, infrared oven. Replace the toaster with an upright toaster oven (Toastation) and it's perfect.

Cat on May 22, 2014:

Look at all that cat food in the fridge!

Jae on Oct 08, 2013:

Those would be so perfect for my little shed in the back yard. I want to make a studio to work in during the summer. If I had this in there I would never leave.

Anonymous on Jan 26, 2013:

Perfect for a back porch summer kitchen!

Nikki on Nov 09, 2012:

They make microwaves that are also convection ovens so that would be perfect and with a kitchen this small I'm thinking urban living so not much fridge space needed as you buy groceries fresh daily, cook immediately and rarely have leftovers or order in and basically just reheat and plate ????

Alisha on Feb 14, 2012:

You could always replace the microwave with a convection oven and bake away!


Atiya Fateh on Dec 09, 2011:

wowwww......... can't imagine.................

Lisa on Jul 18, 2011:

This is a very cool idea. Retrofit it for artists tradeshow display...


fizzygood on Jul 15, 2011:

Yeah, you could do any kind of stovetop cooking with no problem, the only issue would be baking/casseroles etc. (although Google tells me you CAN bake in a microwave, if you want).

Tabitha on Jul 15, 2011:

Yeah, it is a 2 burner induction top.. link to website is the photo credit. didn't catch that before other comment.

Tabitha on Jul 15, 2011:

or is that a little 2 burner glass top on the right?

Molly on Jul 15, 2011:

I'd want to replace the microwave with a toaster oven and bring in a hot plate to be able to do more actual cooking. What the use of a microwave with that small of a fridge?

fizzygood on Jul 15, 2011:

I love this! It would be difficult to do any baking, but you could always get a halogen oven.

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