A Cool Use For Dead Batteries?

Dead star 01 Dead Star

 If you're like me, you save your spent batteries in some container. When the container threatens to overflow, you take it to a recycling center or a store that has a recycling drop off. Right? Now we have a reason to actually save those batteries for later use, according to artist Michel de Broin. His 'Dead Star' is made of hundreds of them. I'm thinking a chunk of salvaged styrofoam sprayed black, some good 2-part epoxy and patience would do the job. 

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hector on Oct 18, 2011:

does anyone know if there's another useful use for the dead batteries bodies? I've heard of some uses, like refilling walls before puting concrete on them...

DIY Maven on Jul 01, 2011:

Helga--I was thinking about that. If it did--which eventually it would--it might add to the artist's comment. It being a Death Star and all. Of course, that's just a guess. I'd like to hear what the artist would have to say about it.

Helga on Jul 01, 2011:

Wouldn't this become an acid leaking mess?

Kari on Jun 30, 2011:

Ugh. Yuck.  Neat as a one-time-only-art-piece, not so much if everyone starts DIYing.  I would NEVER want something so nasty sitting around.

Blake on Jun 29, 2011:

I agree, bad idea.  Old batteries still hold charge and have a higher propensity to rupture.  RECYCLE!

juliodale on Jun 29, 2011:

Cool! This is awesome. Despite not being entirely practical, it's a pretty fun recycled art project.

JJJJelly on Jun 29, 2011:

It might not be such a good idea but that looks awesome =D

Cindy C on Jun 29, 2011:

Agreed... these batteries will do more good for the world if they are RECYCLED!! Hate to be a "nay-sayer" but this idea is dumb and unsafe.

Scott Hildenbrand on Jun 28, 2011:

Until the acid starts to leach.

Stupid idea is stupid.

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