How to: Make a 3D Maze Rug

How to: Make a 3D Maze Rug

Buddy, check this one out. This is not a purchase rug with a manufactured texture. It's straight-up, everyday home improvement store carpet, with a handmade, labyrinth-like pattern.

Can you guess how they pulled it off?  

Check it: hair clippers. Sean from Make: says,

I used an old pair of electric clippers, and though the blades were pretty much toast when I was done, they weren’t new to begin with, and they only cost $10 to replace. The actual cutting went pretty quickly. The tedious part was transferring the maze plan to the carpet. I used a grid made from painter’s masking tape, which peels off easily afterwards. Even so, this project went faster and better than I expected, and this is a relatively large rug at 3×6 feet. A smaller one would be cake. And of course the design could be anything; I just chose a right-angled maze because it was relatively simple to lay out.

Wowza. Project: Hedge Maze Area Rug

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Anonymous on Sep 12, 2013:

Great idea!

DesigningMom on Jun 29, 2011:

I really like this idea, but I think I'll keep my old hair clippers for my long hair kitties clumps.

DIY Maven on Jun 27, 2011:

Love it.

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