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Make It: DIY Magnetic Silly Putty!

by on Jun 14, 2011

Just because school is out for the summer doesn’t mean you can’t enlighten some minds with science!  I mean c’mon, kids of all ages are fascinated by silly putty, add some magnetism to that equation and BAM!  You’ve just blown a few minds.  What more coud you ask for?    

If blowing minds and tossing some education into the mix of summer activities sounds like a good idea, here’s the DIY project for you.  Instructables user mikeasaurus aka Mike Warren shows us how to turn regular old silly putty into a mind-melding magnetic toy.  All you need is the following:

  • Silly Putty ($2.00 or less)
  • ferric iron oxide powder (artist supply stores)
  • neodymium magnet

When you’re ready to rock and roll with science, check out Mike’s full tutorial over on Instructables.  He’s included loads of great info, tips, and even a cool video of the magnetic putty at work… dare I even call it… poetry in motion*?

[via Hm Harris on Pinterest]

*Sorry, I had to.  I can’t help it that this song forced its way into my head while I was writing this.

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