Roundup: Seven DIY Cake Stands

Roundup: Seven DIY Cake Stands

Yes, I know, DIY cake/cupcake stands aren't exactly new to the blogosphere, but I thought it was high time we had a round up of the best on The Curb. Some are ingenious in the materials used, some are simply pretty. All of them, however, prove that you can use just about ANYTHING to make a cake stand.

The cake stand pictured above was actually inspired by a stand spotted at Anthropologie. (I love the use of cups.)

I adore this one, and its maker, Once Wed, says it only cost about 8 bucks! Via.


This next one is made of pillar candle holder from The Dollar Store and a $4 round, wooden plaque from Michael's. I can just picture a white paper doily and a tone on tone white cake popped on top. Very Martha.

And speaking of The Dollar Store, that's where the plastic plate and bowl for this super simple stand were found. Perfect for a kid's party.

Brown floral stoneware is a staple at thrift stores these days and La Belle Bride found the perfect use for it in this creation:

created at: 06/10/2011

A bronze candlestick (painted white), a plate and dome together make a very simple yet classy cake stand.

Instead of the typical candle sticks, Punky's Mama made her sweet stand using sherry glasses. A shot of red paint kicks this entry up a notch.


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Amy Manley on Jun 16, 2011:

These are so great! I just started a cake business from home and need some AFFORDABLE cake stands with some drama. I didn't know such a thing existed until now. I am on my way to the craft store, followed by the dollar store, and the the thrift store....thanks Diy Maven and Curbly!

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