Foreclosure Gets a Fun Makeover

Foreclosure Gets a Fun Makeover

When you spend all day online hanging about the design and home decor blogosphere (as I do), it can get a little dream-y, and you can feel pretty removed from the vaulted ceilings and bright white walls, the huge windows and the $5000 chairs.

And then sometimes, you run across a project that's much closer to reality, more like home. Like, one from your own neighborhood, perhaps?

So, when I saw this transformation of a foreclosed property that's not two miles from my own house, I got pretty excited.  

I love how Becky and Amelia's home makeover isn't some huge gutting and renovation. It's a solid, affordable way to personalize a home.

Cause that's what it's all about, isn't it?

Check out the full-home makeover at Columbus Underground

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